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Recycling Monitors & Computer/Electronic Waste Free For Schools

CRT Recycling Inc is a class A recycler for electronics including CRT's (cathode ray tubes ) such as televisions and monitors.


ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE to remove, transport and recycle or dispose of computers and other electronics as well as crt computer monitors. We have received grant money from the state of Massachusetts for equipment required to dispose of this material properly when it cannot be either reused or resold. Part of our commitment was to lower the disposal costs to cities and towns within and surrounding Massachusetts. We remove e-waste for free from schools all across the East coast of the US. By incorporating this program we will be fulfilling our obligation to the state grant program. Call now to see what CRT Recycling can do for you!

Effective April 1, 2000 Massachusetts imposed a ban on the disposal, incineration, or transfer for disposal, of Cathode Ray Tubes at a solid waste disposal facility.

For a detailed description of the rules and regulations pertaining to the CRT waste ban, visit the MA Department of Environmental Protection’s Web page for TV and Computer Reuse and Recycling: Massachusetts CRT Recycling


We Offer FREE Containers to Entire School Districts With A Continuous Flow of Electronic Waste!

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Let us help you solve your asset management problems and allow your school or organization the chance to raise funds as well!

Host a CRT Recycling Inc. collection day for CRT’s (monitors & televisions), misc. electronics and computer parts and all appliances as well as those containing freon. The entire amount collected for electronic waste, excluding televisions, at this event will go directly to your organization.

Your only responsibilities as a collection day host would be to

1) Advertise locally (cable TV, newspapers, flyers, etc.)

2) Make arrangements for a local parking lot to be used as a collection site

3) Collect money & manage people coming & going on collection day

We insure proof of proper disposal and/or recycling of all material received

Recycling or reusing will:

·    Prevent CRT Containing Devices From Becoming Hazardous Waste: CRT’s may contain several pounds of lead, which is a toxic substance. When CRTs are broken or destroyed, such as when placed in landfills or incinerators, they release lead into the environment thus making them a hazardous material. Recycling diverts the release of lead into the environment.

·     Save Valuable Landfill Space: CRT containing devices such as computer monitors and televisions are bulky items. The disposal of these devices can drive up the rate at which landfills will reach their capacity.

·     Reduce the Need for Strip Mining: when recycled, television sets and computer monitors can be used as a source of lead as well as precious metals found in circuit boards, power supplies, and the like.

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 PH# 1 (800) 944-7019  FAX (508) 427-9311

175 East Ashland St. Brockton, MA 02302

CRT Recycling Inc. is a class A recycler for CRT’s( computer monitors, televisions ),all electronics and computers. We remove and recycle e-waste free for New England schools! We reuse and recycle over 99% of E-waste we remove!

Remove & Recycle My E-Waste!

Order A Container For The Storage Of E-Waste And CRT's    Request A Pick Up   CRT Recycling Services and E-Waste Solutions   Directions   Complete Hard Drive Destruction   Upcoming Collection Day Events