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About CRT Recycling Inc.


CRT Recycling is in the business of recycling e-waste such as CRT’s (computer monitors and televisions), all computer parts and accessories, consumer electronics and freon and non-freon bearing appliances/white goods. We also pick up items bearing freon and remove capacitors from items in which they are found before disposal. We are Massachusetts Class A Permitted Universal Recycling Facility that properly disposes of items that can no longer be accepted by Massachusetts landfills as of April 1, 2000.

We service over 300 municipalities and businesses across New England. By either reusing or reselling electronics, we can reduce the amount of e-waste that actually reaches the State contractor for disposal. We run several collection day programs to benefit non-profit organizations financially and dispose of e-waste for FREE for hundreds of New England schools.


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Frequently Asked Questions About CRT Recycling Inc.

What is going on behind the scenes?

As a school, municipality, non-profit or business, you just see our representatives load material onto our trucks, but what happens next….
Electronic waste is transported from your location to our on site recycling facility in Brockton, MA where it is unloaded and first inspected for acceptance into one of our many reuse programs or to be resold to various secondary market vendors. If the item cannot be reused or resold it is then dissassembled separated and properly recycled. Our facility is open to the public, so if you wish to actually come down and see what goes on “behind the scenes” – Just let us know
Where does our equipment go?
Electronic equipment removed from your location can be reused and/or resold. This equipment may be donated to one of several non-profit organizations
(Examples: “Freetown Lakeville Middle School Computer Construction Class” – Chris Greene, “South End Technology At Tent City” –Mel King, “South Africa Township Schools Project” – Alan Field & Donna Wainwright, “SHARE” - UMASS Dartmouth Lester Cory)
Equipment can also be resold to various vendors for resale in the secondary market (Flea markets, E-bay, etc.)
CRT Recycling also accepts any computer equipment including monitors for free, from vendors as well as the public, so even though this equipment is going back into the public market for resale – it never has to end up in a landfill.
Equipment that cannot be reused or resold as a whole is separated and properly recycled (plastic-to-plastic, metal-to-metal, glass-to-glass, wood-to-wood). This material is then bailed and loaded into containers for resale and/or plastic-to-plastic, metal-to-metal, glass-to-glass or wood-to-wood recycling. Our vendors and markets for material change frequently, however we only send material to vendors who operate within any and all environmental laws regarding their region.

What happens during the recycling process and how are
hazardous materials handled?

Televisions and computer monitors containing cathode ray tubes are accepted into our facility where the tubes are then removed from these items. Plastics and electronics are separated and sent off for proper recycling. We drill a hole in the tube or twist off trigger in order to release vacuum, remove all external straps, place tubes into metal containers then crack the glass to pull out inside shield. Glass is then sent out for glass-to-glass recycling. During the recycling process all CRTR Inc. employees are required to wear Kevlar (glass resistant) gloves as well as two other layers of protective hand/arm wear. Employees must also wear protective eyewear, footwear and “O.S.H.A.” required breathing masks to prevent dust and particle inhalation while working in our facility. All protective wear and uniforms are provided by CRT Recycling to insure our employee’s safety during the recycling process. We also send our employees for extensive blood screening through “Caritas Health Services” to test levels of metals and several other toxins and perform an “Air Monitoring” test of the entire facility to insure employee/visitor safety on a semi-annual basis.

What are the laws on E-waste recycling?

In Massachusetts, the only computer/electronic material disposal currently regulated by the state is applied to items that contain cathode ray tubes or CRT’s. All other computer/electronic material can be thrown into our landfills, but why would you do that? CRT Recycling collects both the regulated and non-regulated computer/electronic waste from your schools for free as well as accepting delivery of this material for free from municipalities, businesses and residents. We reroute this material away from your local landfills to our various vendors and non-profit organizations. This way, an otherwise unwanted discarded electronic item can now become a commodity for us, instead of a liability for your landfills. This is why we provide this service for free; it is a win-win situation for all.

For updated E-waste recycling regulations MA DEP

Upcoming CRT Recycling E-Waste Collection Dates

Please check out the rest of our website for details on recycling your CRT’s, electronics or appliances.

 ALL Electronics, Computers And Computer Items & Parts Are Accepted For Recycling Or Disposal

Project Computer Reuse

On April 1st, 2000 the commonwealth of Massachusetts banned CRT’s (computer monitors and televisions) from landfills in Massachusetts (310-CMR 19.017). For a detailed description of the rules and regulations pertaining to the CRT waste ban, visit the MA Department of Environmental Protection’s Web page for TV and Computer Reuse and Recycling: Massachusetts CRT Recycling

To get to the glass, monitors and televisions must be completely disassembled. The individual components listing includes plastic, printed circuit boards, copper wiring, power and flyback components and of course, the CRT tube itself.



How can my old computer equipment be reused?


C.R.T.R. Inc. participates in programs with many organizations in order to reuse as much equipment as possible

Once your equipment enters this process CRT Recycling Inc. can guarantee certified destruction of your equipment and provide you with a "Certificate of Materials Recycled" if requested.

If you would like further information please feel free to call our office weekdays between the hours of  8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.   1-800-944-7019


                     Remove & Recycle My E-Waste!         

 CRT Recycling Inc. is a class A recycler for CRT’s( computer monitors, televisions ),all electronics and computers. We remove and recycle e-waste free for New England schools! We reuse and recycle over 99% of E-waste we remove!

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Order A Container For The Storage Of E-Waste And CRT's    Request A Pick Up   CRT Recycling Services and E-Waste Solutions   Directions   Complete Hard Drive Destruction   Upcoming Collection Day Events